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Why Should You Choose Us?

With so many lending solutions out there, South Texas Lending truly does things differently. Our dedicated team helps streamline the loan process to make it much easier for you, the client. As a San Antonio Mortgage lender, Some of our highlighted focuses are:

  • Purchase New Home
  • Get Pre-Approved
  • Refinancing Your Home
  • Debt Consolidation Refinance
  • 203k Rehab Loans
  • Mortgage Loan Experts
  • Voted Best San Antonio Mortgage Lender

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    Ben Gheliuc

    CEO At STX Lending


Our Core Services

Whether you want to get pre-approved or looking to consolidate debt, we have several loan programs that are designed to fit your exact needs. No credit history? Thats okay too.

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Purchase New Home

With a underwritten pre-approval to win your offer and compete with Cash Buyers

  • Full Credit Pre Approvals
  • Lowest Rate Gauranteed or we pay you
  • Daily Communication with support
  • Support for your Realtor and all parties
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Refinance You Home

Save on your monthly payment, Get rid of PMI or even take cash out for investments

  • Close your Refi in 15 Business days
  • Minimal Closing Costs
  • Full Transparency in all Disclosures
  • Unquestionable Integrity
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Consolidate your Debt

With a Cashout Refinance or HELOC (Home equity line of credit), you can pay off debt.

  • Quick Loan Process to get funded
  • Dedicated Team for your Loan
  • Truthfulness in our business
  • Pay off Cards at Closing




% of all Proceeds Donated




Customer Feedback

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Friendly Tips when buying a home

  • Grow Family Wealth

    Building equity in a home your purchase creates financial Security

  • Make Memories

    Many familes we help tell us the best memories are made in the home they buy

  • Join an HOA

    Home Owners Associations can be a great way to meet new friends

  • Principal Payments

    Paying extra on your monthly payment can take years off your Mortgage

  • Get Tax Benefits

    Be sure to write off the mortgage interest paid through the year for a Tax Benefit

  • Build Credit

    On time payments will increase your Credit Score and allow for better financing terms in the future

Mortgage Rate Quote

Get a customized Mortgage plan that fits both your loan terms and goal that your looking for. We also offer 24 hour Pre approvals!

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Our Team Members

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Ben Gheliuc

Branch Manager & CEO

Christy Loghry

Loan Coordinator

Brandon Loghry

Loan Officer

Anna Demartino

  • How Do You Qualify For A Loan?

    The typical process involves submitted a mortgage application with the lender of your choice. Once you do that, you'll then have to uploads the last 30 days of your paystubs, your most recent W-2 if employed and tax returns if your self-employed. Once complete, your loan officer will submit your loan file to underwriter where a mortgage underwriter will review all documents received and will issue a formal loan approval! Any outstanding needs will be coordinated to get your loan closed fast and streamlined.

  • What is the best type of loan to get?

    The best loan program will greatly depend on your current credit score and financial situation (Income to qualify and what your down payment would be) If you have above a 700 fico and putting at least 5% down, most of the time conventional might be the best route to go. For a credit score of 660 or lower and wanting only a 3.% down payment, an FHA loan will likely offer better terms than conventional. If you previously served in the military, a VA loan can give you 100% financing with no down payment and no PMI either. For Self employed borrowers that have large amount of write off's, a bank statement could be the best solution for you.

  • Can You Get A Mortgage Without A Credit Score?

    Most secondar Markets will not purchase a QM (Qualified Mortgage) loan if all borrowers on a loan do not have any credit history at all. Fannie Mae and Freddie as of June 2022 just came out with new guidelines that allow 12 mo' of rental history to be a compensating factor to be included for borrowers that do not have a credit score. If you don't think you have any credit history, call our mortgage hotline to talk to a loan officer and see what alternative options there are.

  • Difference between Conventional and FHA?

    The biggest difference between a conventional loan and an FHA loan is that an FHA loan will yield a better interest rate, although your MIP (Mortgage insurance Premium), same as PMI will not be removed for the life of the loan. For Conventional, once you reach 20% equity or an 80% LTV (Loan to Value), then mortgage insurnace per the loan servicer is required by law to remove it from your payment. In order to get rid of Mortgage insurance on an FHA loan, you will have to indeed, do a Mortgage refinance.

  • How much will be Housing Payment be?

    Your Mortgage payment will consist of these four main elements : Principal & Interest , Taxes , Home Insurance and Mortgage Insurance (if putting less than 20% down). Selecting and shopping for the best interest rate as well as your down payment make the largest impact to your total monthly mortgage payment becoming smaller or larger from projections.

  • What credit score do I need to get approved?

    For Conventional loans, you will typically need at least a 620 credit score. FHA and VA do let you go down to a 550 credit score, but some lenders put restrictions on this and will often times tell you it is 620 for government loans as well, which is lender specific. Most Lenders In texas, follow Guideline Minimums. USDA min is 580


Recent Client Reviews


Claudiu Iorgoni

Great Mortgage Lender

Ben and his team was professional,knowledgeable, efficient and available to us all the time throughout the process. He is awesome. It was a pleasure having him as our loan officer. He was able to give us a competitive rate while helping to clear our loan early. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you so much South Texas Lending!🙏


Cameron Porter


Ben Gheliuc and his team are THE BEST! Even though my home loan was quite possibly the most challenging loan ever in the history of time, Ben and his team made it a smooth process and I always had peace of mind throughout. For being the most stressful occasion maybe in my entire life, it wasn’t so scary with Ben in my corner.


Jonathan Prunean

Amazing Mortgage Service!

South Texas Lender has been spectacular and remarkable with helping me secure a home loan. He was exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, organized, incredibly kind which made all interactions all of the difference and pleasant. It is evident that Ben is dedicated, enthusiastic, dependable and has such a great work ethic! \

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